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Dr. Eric Goralnick

Empower Lives to Save Lives: Equitable, Trusted, Actionable Health Education

Dr. Eric Goralnick

Emergency Medicine Physician, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical

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Explore an introduction to a transformative video series designed to empower individuals with life-saving knowledge in critical situations. Join Dr. Eric Goralnick in this illuminating discussion on accessible health education for Public Safety professionals.

The videos, created by Dr. Eric Goralnick and his team, were developed with the vision to save lives globally, provide trusted guidance through common crisis scenarios. From trauma care to mass casualty management and beyond, these resources aim to enhance preparedness and response capabilities.

Discover the origins of this initiative, sparked by the profound lessons learned from the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Dr. Goralnick delves into the importance of early care, bleeding control, and the global campaign "Stop the Bleed" in reducing preventable trauma deaths.

Learn how randomized controlled trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of bleeding control education and the impact of just-in-time training in critical moments.

Dr. Goralnick underscores the significance of education in public health, highlighting partnerships, innovations, and the invaluable role of health education in understanding novel measures.

Join the mission to save lives through accessible education and discover the boundless potential of knowledge in empowering individuals to act swiftly and effectively in emergencies.

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