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ECHAlliance ANNOUNCEMENT: HTWB Ukraine Telehealth Relief

“Ukraine Telehealth Relief” initiative is launched to provide free-of-charge telehealth and remote consultations to the people of Ukraine.

"Russia’s war in Ukraine has forced 10 million civilians to flee from their homes, including about 3.5 million who have already sought refuge in other countries, U.N. refugee agency chief Filippo Grandi said Sunday.

The WHO has also verified at least “43 attacks on health care” — including assaults on patients, health-care workers, facilities, or infrastructure — since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

More than 300 healthcare facilities are in combat zones or areas that Russia now controls, while 600 other facilities are within about six miles of the conflict line.

We have launched the “Ukraine Telehealth Relief” initiative to provide free of charge telehealth and remote consultations to the people of Ukraine.

Our aim is:

1. to help hospitals in Ukraine cope with the influx of patients;

2. to provide psychological support to people affected by the conflict;

3. to accompany Ukrainian refugees who have left their homes and now live in other parts of Europe.

400+ clinicians and psychologist volunteers, 40+ health tech companies have already joined our call to action.

Now we are calling for your help:

● ​If you are a clinician – sign up to provide telehealth support to the people of Ukraine.

● If you are a health tech company – join us or start your own initiative to bring the best technologies to Ukraine.

Let’s stand together and do what we can to help Ukraine.

We have founded HealthTech Without Borders in response to the ongoing health and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

HealthTech Without Borders is an independent, global non-profit movement that provides digital health and telehealth aid where needed most.

We are organizing a consortium of clinicians, psychologists, hospitals, universities, telehealth, and technology companies to provide digital health and telehealth aid where it’s needed most."



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