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HIMSS supports Ukrainian Telehealth Relief

The endorsement from HIMSS – a global, member-based health IT community, means a lot to the new humanitarian health initiative Ukraine Telehealth Relief.

The founding members of Health Tech Without Borders are pleased with the support.

«HIMSS gave us their official support on March 15th. They are the first major organization to officially support our initiative. We will continue to work for the delivery of free telehealth services to the people of Ukraine.»

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management System Society) is a global network committed to reform the health ecosystem through the power of information and technology.

In a statement on their website, the community writes that «… HIMSS has partnered with changemakers to support humanitarian missions that are providing care to refugees due to the war in Ukraine.»

400 clinicians volunteered

In only a couple of weeks, Ukraine Telehealth Relief onboarded more than 400 clinicians and psychologist volunteers, as well as many healthtech companies.

«People care. Health workers care. They watch with horror the war and human suffering, they read about it, talk about it. And they want to be practical helpers, contribute to the humanitarian effort,» says Marianna Imenokhoeva, on of the HTWB founders.

Refugees and displaced persons suffer a range of mental and physical health problems, that may be quickly worsening in the coming weeks and months. Children and adults face an uncertain future and are in dire need for healthcare services. As getting the care to them physically is difficult, part of the solution is telehealth.

Also, the healthcare systems in the cities and regions that receive refugees, are in danger of being overwhelmed by the sheer number of new patients.

The call for help

The initiative, "Ukraine Telehealth Relief," will provide free of charge telehealth and remote consultations to the people of Ukraine.

The aims are:

1. to help hospitals in Ukraine cope with the influx of patients, primarily pediatric;

2. to provide psychological support to people affected by the conflict;

3. to accompany Ukrainian refugees who have left their homes and now live in other parts of Europe.

Instagram: @HTWB_join

Facebook: @HTWBWehelp



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