When hit with a sudden humanitarian emergency, local communities can be abruptly cut off from basic healthcare. People find themselves disconnected from healthcare professionals, medical institutions, doctors, and other life-saving services, while at the same time hospitals and clinics face a sudden influx of patients with highly specific and urgent needs.

Health Tech Without Borders is a global non-profit organization aiming to mitigate such healthcare crises by leveraging digital tools and technology to provide immediate access to health resources.

Health Tech Without Borders acts as an innovative hub that connects companies offering digital tools with experts in medical and psychological care.

As a result, the global non-profit organization provides digital health interventions, such as online consultations, remote monitoring, and digital therapeutics. It connects qualified and vetted volunteer clinicians to those wounded by humanitarian disasters, war, or assault, and all human beings in need of medical attention.

Additionally, Health Tech Without Borders offers online trainings for clinicians in crisis areas in medical and mental health challenges, as well as vetted digital health tools.

In response to the aggression against Ukraine, Health Tech Without Borders was founded in 2022, and is working with corporations, universities, governing agencies, and other institutions around the globe as well as local communities and professionals to provide help, hope, and healthcare efficiently where and when most needed.

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