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All disasters are associated with psychological trauma. The rates of mental health problems count to 57% in the population affected by disasters. Mental health disaster response principles are holistic and community-based with solid preventive aspects.


HTWB approach is rooted in 6-R: Readiness, Response, Relief, Rehabilitation, Recovery and Resilience.


Since June 2022, unprecedented monsoon rains in Pakistan have caused devastating floods--the worst the country has seen in over a decade.

To support the increasingly dire medical situation in Pakistan, HTWB has partnered with local clinicians to develop a remote clinical educational curriculum as a component of the Pakistan Flood Response.


We aim to raise awareness of the devastating impact of these floods and equip the community with educational tools to recognize and care for the health of loved ones. 

A new medical chatbot developed by Health Tech Without Borders and Microsoft’s Disaster Response team will offer protocols from Stop the Bleed, Care Under Fire, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care for frontline first responders and clinicians in Ukraine to rapidly learn, review and prepare for providing tactical medical care during combat situations.



Project VITAL, Virtual International Telehealth and Leadership in Africa, aims to improve access to health care, support strengthening of health systems through a sustainable training model, build healthcare worker capacity, promote skills underpinned by technology and innovation, build resilient communities, ensure equitable health, and empower youth.

VITAL will be implemented in alignment with HTWB’s 3S pillars model, referring to the need for sustainable, safe and secure healthcare solutions.

Health Tech Without Borders, Inc. (HTWB), iDocta, and VSee, announced their Commitment to Action in Cameroon as part of their Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2023 Meeting, held in New York, NY on September 18-19, 2023.

“Mindstep for Ukraine” offers a self-guided digital intervention that opens the door to improved mental health and well-being.

With Mindstep's technology and innovative approach, Ukrainian localization expertise provided by Sora Union, and invaluable contextual and clinical guidance from HTWB, we developed a unique version of the Mindstep application. It is thoughtfully designed, population-appropriate and specific, culturally tailored, and based on a trauma-informed approach.

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