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Project VITAL, Virtual International Telehealth and Leadership in Africa, aims to improve access to health care, support strengthening of health systems through a sustainable training model, build healthcare worker capacity, promote skills underpinned by technology and innovation, build resilient communities, ensure equitable health, and empower youth.

VITAL will be implemented in alignment with HTWB’s 3S pillars model, referring to the need for sustainable, safe and secure healthcare solutions.

Health Tech Without Borders, Inc. (HTWB), iDocta, and VSee, announced their Commitment to Action in Cameroon as part of their Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2023 Meeting, held in New York, NY on September 18-19, 2023.


Over 30 million people need humanitarian assistance and mental health support in conflict and climate-affected regions of Cameroon and the Sahel Region. West and Central African regions have the highest maternal mortality rates globally while suffering from the effects of climate change, including extreme heat, drought, degradation of agriculture, and security challenges.

Overall, this leads to displaced populations with poor and worsening access to healthcare. In 2015, Africa had around 1.3 health workers per 1,000 people, significantly less than the 4.5 needed to meet the United Nations’ goals for sustainable access to healthcare. Telehealth provides equitable, quality, and cost-effective care with the potential to improve equitable access to quality health services.

Project VITAL: Virtual International Telehealth and Leadership in Africa aims to expand access to healthcare in the conflict and climate-affected regions of Cameroon.


Project VITAL plans to provide support in several key areas:

  • Strengthening health systems through a sustainable training model.

  • Building healthcare worker capacity.

  • Promoting skills underpinned by technology and innovation.

  • Building resilient communities.

  • Achieving equitable health.

  • Empowering youth.

Additionally, Project VITAL will leverage telehealth to enhance health equity by:

  • Increasing access to specialists.

  • Enabling peer-to-peer consultations.

  • Providing tele-education.

  • Facilitating rapid triage.

  • Identifying epidemics.



About iDocta

iDocta is a social innovation company specializing in the digitalization of medical services and the digital transformation of the health system in Cameroon and Africa. The goal of iDocta is to create a digital platform that will first bring together all the expertise in the field of medicine in Africa and its diaspora and serve as a bridge to traditional medicine. Our goal is to create the most prominent virtual clinic in Africa to ensure no one is left behind. Follow us on 


About VSee

VSee makes fast digital health transformations possible with its versatile no code, low code telehealth platform. It offers a comprehensive set of flexible building blocks from patient queuing, triage, scheduling, telehealth visits, remote monitoring, to many other medical workflows that seamlessly integrate with electronic health records, siloed data and programs, and an analytics dashboard for healthcare organizations to quickly and efficiently create customizable virtual and hybrid healthcare experiences.


VSee has offered its deep engineering and industry expertise for over 15 years, partnering with healthcare enterprises, governments, universities, research institutions to increase access to high quality healthcare. VSee serves over 1,000 healthcare clients globally including McKesson, GE Health, Optum, DaVita, and NASA Space Station.

Learn more at

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About the Clinton Global Initiative

Founded by President Bill Clinton in 2005, the Clinton Global Initiative is a community of doers representing a broad cross section of society and dedicated to the idea that we can accomplish more together than we can apart.  Through CGI’s unique model, more than 9,000 organizations have launched more than 3,900 Commitments to Action — new, specific, and measurable projects and programs.

Project VITAL’s other partners include Institut Pasteur of Bangui, Central Africa Republic; Reach Out Cameroon; Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health and Medical Device Interoperability & Cybersecurity Program (MD PnP); Boston Medical Center/Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine.

Pasteur network.jpg

Institut Pasteur of Bangui

MD PnP.png

Medical Device Interoperability & Cybersecurity Program (MD PnP)


Reach out Cameroon

Massachusetts General Hospital.jpg

Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health

Boston University Chobanian.jpg

Boston Medical Center/Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine

Yap Boum, founder of iDocta

"Access to quality health services should not be a luxury, especially for those affected by climate change in the Sahel region. We are grateful for the opportunity CGI has given us to share our vision of using technology to transform health services and ensure that no one in Africa is left behind."

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