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Providing medical care in a high-risk, high-stress, conflict environment is difficult. Especially for new frontline first responders and clinicians.


Saving the lives of both military and civilian casualties requires specialized knowledge and training. We created HTWB TacMed chat bot with the protocols from Stop the Bleed, Care Under Fire and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), so that frontline first responders and clinicians can rapidly learn, review, and prepare. 

A new medical chatbot developed by Health Tech Without Borders and Microsoft’s Disaster Response team will offer protocols from Stop the Bleed, Care Under Fire, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care for frontline first responders and clinicians in Ukraine to rapidly learn, review and prepare for providing tactical medical care during combat situations.



HTWB TacMed chatbot was developed for the frontline first responders, such as combat medics, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, nurses, and medical students.

TacMed chatbot will be available for free in English and Ukrainian languages only for Ukraine.

Learning modules include:

1. For Civilians:

     a. How do I stop bleeding 

2. For First Responders and Medical Professionals:

    a. Care Under Fire CUF

    b. Tactical Field Care TFC

    c. Tactical Evacuation Care TACEVAC

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Jarone Lee, MD

We created this chatbot to help teach the critical medical skills needed by frontline combat medics and clinicians when treating and moving war casualties.  We hope that this will help frontline medics solidify their knowledge so that it is second nature when they need to use it.

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    I   W   A   N   T   

 T  O   H  E  L  P  

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