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The ongoing aggression in Ukraine has caused hundreds of thousands of innocent people to leave their homes to seek safety and medical assistance.

We are organizing a consortium of universities, clinicians, psychologists, hospitals, telehealth, and technology providers to provide digital health and telehealth aid where it’s needed most.

Since the start of our call “Ukraine Telehealth Relief” (#Telehealth4Peace) a week ago, we are overwhelmed by the support and willingness to help. We have now over 800+ clinicians and psychologists from all over the world.

We are excited to announce that over 20+ companies proposed their services at no cost. However, we wanted to make sure that those platform providers are robust, GDPR Compliant, and their interface is simplified and translated into Ukrainian and Russian languages.


The ongoing aggression in Ukraine has caused hundreds of thousands of innocent people to leave their homes to seek safety and medical assistance.

Ukraine faces a "devastating humanitarian crisis" as casualty figures rise and hospitals struggle to cope. 

International Committee of the Red Cross

“at this rate” the outflows from Ukraine could make it the source of "the  biggest refugee crisis this century"

United Nations




We have launched an initiative, "Ukraine Telehealth Relief," to provide free of charge telehealth and remote consultations to the people of Ukraine.

Our aim is:

1. to help hospitals in Ukraine cope with the influx of patients;

2. to provide psychological support to people affected by the conflict;

3. to accompany Ukrainian refugees who have left their homes and now live in other parts of Europe;

4. provide advisory and expertise to local hospitals.





Doctor Online is a Ukrainian telehealth platform that offers chat, audio, and video consultations.  Doctor Online – Assistant is the trusted provider of 24/7 virtual healthcare for the mind and body, including urgent care, mental health, preventative, primary, and chronic care, with access to board-certified physicians and licensed psychologists through a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

TeleHelp Full Logo Cyrllic Yellow Blue.png


TeleHelp Ukraine provides telehealth services to Ukrainians in need in Ukraine and Poland. We are an organization started by a team of Stanford medical students and computer science students, who aim to mobilize world-class clinicians from Stanford and other institutions around the world to serve Ukrainians via telehealth.

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Helping Hand, mental health digital platform with psychological support.

Helping Hand is the first app in Poland that allows users to receive complete and personalized psychological support, in the form of valuable content and interactive meetings with therapists.

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