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  Providing digital health and  
  telehealth aid where it’s needed most  

What we do:

We provide digital health and telehealth 

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When hit with a sudden humanitarian emergency, local communities can be abruptly cut off from basic healthcare. People find themselves disconnected from healthcare professionals, medical institutions, doctors, and other life-saving services, while at the same time, hospitals and clinics face a sudden influx of patients with highly specific and urgent needs.

Health Tech Without Borders is a global non-profit organization aiming to mitigate such healthcare crises by leveraging digital tools and technology to provide immediate access to health resources.

Health Tech Without Borders acts as an innovative hub that connects companies offering digital tools with experts in medical and psychological care.

As a result, the global non-profit organization provides digital health interventions, such as online consultations, remote monitoring, and digital therapeutics. It connects qualified and vetted volunteer clinicians to those wounded by humanitarian disasters, war, or assault, and all human beings in need of medical attention.

Additionally, Health Tech Without Borders offers online trainings for clinicians in crisis areas in medical and mental health challenges, as well as vetted digital health tools.

Health Tech Without Borders was founded in 2022, and is working with corporations, universities, governing agencies, and other institutions around the globe to bring help, hope, and healthcare efficiently to local communities affected by crisis. Health Tech Without Borders focuses on supporting any person affected by humanitarian disasters while remaining non-sectarian and apolitical.


We are a multidisciplinary group of professionals unified with a common purpose: use health technology to help the people in need. Whether you are a medical professional, nurse, academic, or health technology expert, we invite you to join our mission.


Executive Leadership Team
Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland

Naim Hicham Pic Small Portrait.png

Hicham Naim

  • LinkedIn

Founding member


Jarone Lee, MD

  • LinkedIn

Founding member


Marianna Petrea-Imenokhoeva

  • LinkedIn

Founding member


Bob Arnot, MD

  • LinkedIn

Former Chief Correspondent

NBC News - Writer

HTWB Chief Innovation Officer

Board Members

David Rhew.jpg

David Rhew, MD

  • LinkedIn

Global Chief Medical Officer & VP of Healthcare, Microsoft

Prem Ramaswami.jpg

Prem Ramaswami

  • LinkedIn

Head of Sidewalk Labs, Google

Jeff Hersh, PhD, MD.jpg

Jeff Hersh, PhD, MD

  • LinkedIn

Chief Medical Officer at GE Healthcare

Alex Morozov.jpg

Alex Morozov, MD

  • LinkedIn

Physician, Drug and Digital Health Developer

Rich Miller.jpg

Rich Miller

  • LinkedIn

Chief Innovation Officer, QGenda

Ashley Mehra.jpg

Ashley Mehra

  • LinkedIn

Governmental Affairs Lead, Omnicure Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge

Mara Jones.jpg

Mara Jones

  • LinkedIn

SVP Global Project Director, Digital Health at Interpublic Group (IPG) at Weber Shandwick

Leadership Team




Olga Gershuni

  • LinkedIn

HTWB Mental Health Program Director
Lecturer at Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Researcher and Ph.D. Candidate at Maastricht University

Eva Skinner-Regel 2.jpg

Eva Skinner-Regel MS, LICSW, MBE

  • LinkedIn

Optimum Care Ethics Consultation Service,

Guardianship consultation service 

Massachusetts General Hospital 

HTWB 3H Program Clinical Director

Chester Eng.jpg

Chester Eng

  • LinkedIn

HTWB Foreign Affairs Advisor

Master's Candidate at The Fletcher School at Tufts University

Mary Snowstark.jpg

Mary Showstark

HTWB Chief Liaison Officer

Robbie Schneider.jpg

Robbie Schneider

  • LinkedIn

Director of U.S. Communications

Vanessa YiRan Li.jpg

Vanessa YiRan Li 

  • LinkedIn

HTWB Social Media Strategist

Biomedical Engineering MS Student at Columbia University

Oleksandra Shchebet_edited.jpg

Oleksandra Shchebet

  • LinkedIn

HTWB Ambassador


Roi Shternin

  • LinkedIn

HTWB Ambassador

Patient in Residence

Audrey Nguyen.jpg

Audrey Nguyen

  • LinkedIn

Medical Student, University of California, Los Angeles

HTWB Program Director

Stella Nam.jpg

Stella Nam

  • LinkedIn

Master’s Student, Harvard University

HTWB Program Coordinator

David Eisenbaum.jpg

David Eisenbaum

  • LinkedIn

Senior Operations Lead, Regional Disaster Health Response System

HTWB Director of Operational Strategy

Rmaah Memon.jpg

Rmaah Memon

  • LinkedIn

Resident Physician, Harvard Associated Emergency Medicine

HTWB Pakistan Country Director


Nikolay Kysel

  • LinkedIn

HTWB Ambassador in Ukraine
CEO – Doctor Online

Health Assistant

Brandt YouRan Li .jpg

Brandt YouRan Li

  • LinkedIn

Digital Design Strategist

Iryna Tomakh.jpg

Iryna Tomakh

  • LinkedIn

Neurologist, MD / Psychologist, HTWB Program Coordinator

Annalicia Pickering, MD.jpg

Annalicia Pickering, MD

  • LinkedIn

Pediatric Hospitalist, Stanford School of Medicine 

HTWB Director of Advocacy

Clinical Advisors




Dan Deckelbaum

  • LinkedIn

Co-Director, Centre for Global Surgery, McGill University Health Centre

Associate professor, trauma surgery, general surgery, critical care


Michael Tsifansky

  • LinkedIn

Director, Pediatric Respiratory Failure and Lung Transplantation Program and Cardiac Intensivist

Associate Professor, Pediatrics

The George Washington University


Tehnaz Boyle

  • LinkedIn

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician at Boston Medical Center

Assistant Professor -  Boston University

Gregory Fricchione.png

Gregory Fricchione

  • LinkedIn

Associate Chief of Psychiatry at MGH


Paulus Torkki 

  • LinkedIn

Associate Professor of Healthcare Operations Management at the University of Helsinki


Eeva Tuunainen

  • LinkedIn

MD, PhD, Specialist in Emergency Medicine, President of FinnEM - Finnish Emergency Medicine

Yelena Davydov.jpg

Yelena Davydov

  • LinkedIn

Director of C/L psychiatry

Adi Balk.jpeg

Adi Balk

  • LinkedIn

Medical Student


Marissa A. Barrera

  • LinkedIn

Assistant Dean of Health Sciences,


Program Director & Associate Professor of SLP at Yeshiva University, Medical Speech-Language Pathologist

Lindsey Martin.jpg

Lindsey Martin

  • LinkedIn

Critical Care Nurse Practitioner MGH

Abdullah Hasan.jpg

Abdullah Hasan

  • LinkedIn

Deputy Director H+H/Queens

David Mather.jfif

David Mather

  • LinkedIn


Digital Health and Technology Advisors



Arvita Tripati.jpg

Arvita Tripati

  • LinkedIn

Driving revenue for life sciences & SaaS  Product  Regulatory Privacy Governance Risk Compliane Cyber AI Founder Board Director Audit & Nom Gov

Shuhan He.jpg

Shuhan He

  • LinkedIn

Emergency Medicine Physician//Instructor of Medicine//Lab of Computer Science, Harvard Medical School// Founder

Daniel Novinson_edited.jpg

Daniel Novinson

  • LinkedIn

Chair, Telehealth Fellowship Doximity

Sil Hamilton.jpg

Sil Hamilton

  • LinkedIn

Machine Learning Researcher

Louise Corscadden.jpg

Louise Corscadden

  • LinkedIn


Strategic Advisors



1620844676927 (1).jpeg

Keith Thompson, MD

  • LinkedIn

CMO Nuralogix Corporation


Pr. Nick Guldemond, PhD

  • LinkedIn

Professor Healthcare & Public Health

Marc Voyvodich.jpg

Marc Voyvodich

  • LinkedIn

Chairman at Stroudwater Associates

1517749670378 (1).jpeg

Michael Liebman, PhD

  • LinkedIn

Managing Director, Co-Founder

Adjunct Professor, Pharmacology and Physiology


Aleksandra Tokarewicz

  • LinkedIn

Chief Product & Sales Officer

Board Member w Helping Hand

Personal Digital Therapist

Edward Thomson.jpg

Edward Thomson

  • LinkedIn
Leo Wolansky.jpg

Leo Wolansky

  • LinkedIn

Director of Product Pandemic Prevention Initiative The Rockefeller Foundation

Alister Martin.jpg

Alister Martin

  • LinkedIn

CEO A Healthier Democracy Physician

Sakina Naqvi, MD, MBA.jpg

Sakina Naqvi, MD, MBA

  • LinkedIn

Director Pulmonary and Critical Care at Fairview Health Services

Strategic Communication Advisors




Lene Lundberg

  • LinkedIn

Senior Adviser, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research

Cristina Danescu  the WWW design.jpg

Cristina Danescu

  • LinkedIn

Creator & Creative

Web and Graphic Designer


Karpunina Natalia

  • LinkedIn

Communication Advisor and Translator


Executive Leadership/Board of Directors

Jarone Lee, MD – Founding Member and President

Bob Arnot, MD – Vice President

Marianna Petrea-Imenokhoeva, Founding Member

Hicham Naim, Founding Member

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