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Polina Pilius

Challenges of Chest X-Ray Performing for Providing Teleradiological Support

Dr. Polina Pilius


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Dr. Polina Pilius delivers an insightful webinar on the challenges and significance of teleradiology, revolutionizing medical imaging and healthcare delivery. Teleradiology, the electronic transmission of radiological data, has gained momentum, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic and the growth of telemedicine. It addresses issues like limited access to radiologists, inconsistent image interpretation, and resource underutilization.

This transformative approach depends on well-trained radiographers and stringent quality control to optimize processes and minimize errors. Standardized protocols, alongside the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), are enhancing teleradiology's precision and efficiency.

The video underscores the importance of correct patient positioning and image quality for accurate diagnosis. Practical examples highlight how teleradiology aids in monitoring, early detection of conditions like lung cancer, and adherence to international guidelines.

As teleradiology continues to advance alongside AI integration, it promises improved diagnostic accuracy and cost-effective healthcare delivery, particularly in underserved areas.

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