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Deep Fungal Skin Infections

HTWB Academy Lecture

Health Impacts of Floods Series

HTWB Academy lecture: “Deep Fungal Skin Infections” by Dr. David Chandler, University Hospitals Sussex, Brighton, UK (Dermatology)

Date recorded: 12/13/22

Video editing by: Brandt YouRan Li

This lecture was developed as part of HTWB’s Pakistan Flood Response, a program which aims to support communities and clinicians in Pakistan impacted by devastating floods in 2022. The program was launched in partnership with the National Institute of Kidney and Urological Diseases (NIKUD) Research Hospital at the University of Karachi, Pakistan.

The lecture discusses diagnostic and treatment considerations for deep fungal skin infections that arise in the setting of emergent floods in resource-limited and austere environments globally. This talk is one of a two-part series on fungal skin infections; for part one, please see Dr. Sidra Khan’s talk on superficial fungal skin infections.

Special thanks to our community partner, Dr. Sakina Naqvi at NIKUD Research Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan.

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