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Dr. Jarone Lee

Empowering Disaster Response through Telemedicine: Insights from Dr. Jarone Lee

Dr. Jarone Lee

Physician Executive | Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School | Co-Founder, Health Tech Without Borders

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Explore the Fusion of Telemedicine and Disaster Response with Dr. Jarone Lee.

Dive into the groundbreaking realm of telemedicine's role in disaster response through an illuminating lecture by Dr. Jarone Lee. Discover how telemedicine acts as a vital bridge connecting medical expertise with crisis zones, offering clinicians access to essential resources even in the most challenging situations. Join Dr. Lee as he recounts real-world scenarios, including Hurricane Irma and the Ukrainian crisis, where telemedicine emerged as a lifeline. Gain insights into its capacity to deliver medical aid to both human and animal populations during times of adversity. This lecture unveils the potential of telemedicine to revolutionize healthcare accessibility in disaster-stricken areas and beyond.


Join us to explore a future where technology and compassion unite to save lives.

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