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Eva Skinner-Regel

Mental Health and Ethical Considerations in Disaster Response Work

Eva Skinner-Regel

Optimum Care Ethics Consultation Service, Guardianship consultation service Massachusetts General Hospital, HTWB 3H Program Clinical Director

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Join us for an insightful lecture by Eva Skinner-Regel as she explores the critical intersection of mental health and ethics in the challenging field of disaster response work. This video delves into the emotional toll faced by relief workers, healthcare professionals, and first responders in high-stress environments, where early recognition of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Burnout symptoms is crucial. Gain a deeper understanding of trauma's psychological, physical, and social effects that often lead to these conditions, particularly in traumatic settings like war-torn Ukraine or earthquake-stricken areas such as Turkey or Syria.

Discover essential strategies for resilience and well-being and learn about the significance of peer support programs like HTWB's Helping Healers Heal (3H) in Ukraine for mitigating moral distress and burnout. Eva Skinner-Regel sheds light on how recognizing and addressing these warning signs is paramount to preventing burnout and building a sustainable and resilient workforce.


Don't miss this informative talk on addressing the emotional challenges of humanitarian efforts and supporting those on the front lines of disaster relief.

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