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Dyonne Sijstermans

Mental Health. Trauma and trauma-sensitivity

Wendy Notermans, Dyonne Sijstermans

HTWB Academy Lecture: “Trauma and trauma-sensitivity” by Wendy Notermans (health care psychologist, cognitive behavioral therapist and supervisor VGCt, EMDR practitioner VEN) and Dyonne Sijstermans (clinical psychologist/ psychotherapist)

This lecture was developed as part of HTWB’s Mental Health program, which aims to support psychologists who provide mental health care to children and adolescents. The lecture discusses the main points in trauma therapy: effects on the brain and behavior, how to mitigate the trauma effects, and how to create a trauma-sensitive environment. During this presentation, several trauma-related aspects were disclosed (the concept of trauma, the consequences for emotional regulation, social development, and the ability to learn). Additionally, it zooms in on the concept “Window of Tolerance” and how to look at behavior through “trauma glasses”?


The risk factors and protective factors are discussed, as well as the ways to communicate trauma-sensitively.  

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