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Marianna Petrea-Imenokhoeva

Navigating the Digital Health Landscape: From Complex to Simple

Marianna Petrea-Imenokhoeva

Digital Health for Disaster Response and Humanitarian Crises. Co-Founder, Health Tech Without Borders

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In this video, we explore the intricate world of Digital Health and break it down from complex to simple terms. We delve into definitions provided by deferent experts and organizations, shedding light on complex terms and main Digital Health domains.

We emphasize the importance of tailoring digital health explanations for diverse stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals, and policymakers. Digital literacy levels vary, and our goal is to bridge the gap. We then dive into trends in digital health, touching on artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing. We highlight the evolving landscape and its impact on healthcare.

The video outlines educational strategies for medical professionals, patients, and students to navigate the digital health domain effectively. We discuss long-term programs and share a glimpse of a telehealth implementation scheme.

Join us on this journey through the dynamic and multifaceted world of digital health, where we simplify complexity for better healthcare understanding.

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