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Authorities recommend Doctor Online, Viveo

On their website, Ukrainian authorities (RADA) recommend several telehealth services to the citizens. Two of our partners, Doctor Online and Viveo Health, are on the list.

Aerial photo of Kyiv (Freepik)

We have translated the text to English.

You can find the original web post here.

The Committee on Digital Transformation informs about free services for consultations with doctors:

Do you need a doctor's advice but do not have access to the hospital? Here you can find information about services where Ukrainians affected by the war can receive a free of charge medical online consultation with health care specialists.

1. Medical service HELSI

Here, you can make an appointment with doctors of all medical specialities. The Ministry of Health confirms the qualification of all doctors. It is not necessary to have a declaration and referral from a family doctor to make an appointment for a consultation. It is enough to choose the desired specialist and preferred consultation time.

2. Doctor Online - Health Assistant

On this portal, you can get an online consultation with a family doctor, receive counselling by a specialist, order medication, or interpret laboratory research results.

3. Viveo Cares Foundation

It is an application where doctors 24/7 consult Ukrainians with health problems, who live in the country's conflict zone.


It is an online service where volunteers will provide urgent medical care online.

5. TePlo.App https://tePlo.App/

It is an application that will help you get a free psychologist's consultation if your request is associated with the war-related aspects.

“This milestone is a huge step forward in providing free telehealth consultation and digital health aid services to people in need within Ukraine and across Europe. The fact that two of our partners Doctor Online and Viveo Health are among the recommended companies by the RADA is extremely important to us and gives us great confidence that we are on the right path,” says one of the HTWB founders, Hicham Naim.



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