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Educational container delivery to our partner Volyn Medical School

The best gift for us is when our partners receive support! Just before New 2023 Year Volyn Medical Institute received a container fully equipped to support the educational process for nursing students in Ukraine.

In these difficult times, education is a priority that strengthens the healthcare system. However, the ability to study during a war period is not self-evident.

#Nursing#students, just like any other young professionals, face numerous uncertainties in the establishment of professional norms and values. The war brought them close to the frontline and challenged them to deal with heavy emotional distress, confronting their fears, expectations, and beliefs.

Every time students tackle a simulation task where they take care of a patient, they project the possibility that this patient might be a colleague, friend, parent, or sibling.

The uncertainty of what will happen next, and the emotional burden have become the norm. Still, it is possible to stimulate personal and #professional#growth, all that is needed is timely and tailored support.

Our priority is to contribute to developing strategies to build up resistance, passion for studying, and exploration of their personal and professional goals.

They are the future healthcare workforce who already knows "what" but needs support with "how."

Health Tech Without Borders is happy to be a small contributor connecting our partners with organizations delivering support.

Thanks to all participants who made this happen: to our partner GEEKS WITHOUT FRONTIERS and to organizations: the N50 Project, Computer Aid, CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort), and Simplyhealth for continuous effort in helping students around the world to have access to education.



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