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Estonian health tech helpers

Estonian-based technology companies Triumf Health and Viveo Health are cooperating with Health Tech Without Borders.

Estonian companies Triumf Health, which provides mental health support to children, and Viveo Health, the platform for a long-distance visit, have launched on the Health Tech Without Borders (HTWB) site.

"Our actions have been guided from the very beginning by a moral sense, i.e. a desire to help in the best possible way, and a very practical activity characterized by a lack of resources. We are convinced that technology can be applied to benefit people and in Estonia, where there is a shortage of experts, but the digital capabilities are highly developed, we have been able to create evidence-based solutions that really work. As both HTWB and its partner organisations see potential in what we provide, we have gained more desire to act," said Kadri Haljas, CEO and Doctor of Psychology at Triumf Health.

In early March, Triumf Health launched an updated version of their health game Triumf

Hero. It is designed to support children who have traumatic experiences as well as help

children cope with everyday situations. The game was quickly translated into

Ukrainian and is now available for free in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania,

Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Estonia, where

Ukrainians have fled the war at home.

"Triumf Health was able to translate and adapt its evidence-based solution into Ukrainian at an admirable rate so that it can be instantly used and be barrier-free for all users," explains Hicham Naim, one of the founders of Triumf Health's involvement in the HTWB platform.

According to Haljas, they wanted to join the platform because it allows them to provide

assistance to the people who most need it, regardless of location.

"In many cases, rapid and effective interventions are necessary, especially in the case of mental health," she explains, adding that HTWB helps them reach more children than they, as a small start-up, ever could in such a short period of time without global support.

"With the support of the HTWB, we can help a lot of children both within Ukraine and in the countries bordering it.»

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