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Tactical Medical Care Chatbot Supports Frontline Clinicians in Ukraine

May 4, 2023 - A new medical chatbot developed by Health Tech Without Borders and Microsoft’s Disaster Response team will offer protocols from Stop the Bleed, Care Under Fire, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care for frontline first responders and clinicians in Ukraine to rapidly learn, review and prepare for providing tactical medical care during combat situations.

Tactical Medical Chat Bot QR code
Tactical Medical Chat Bot QR code

“The people of Ukraine face many challenges in healthcare, especially in frontline areas. This chatbot is extremely helpful and easy to be used by not only medical professionals but also civilians who need tactical help,” said Oleksandra Shchebet, MD, a Ukrainian physician and part of the leadership team at Health Tech Without Borders.

The HTWB TacMed chatbot recently launched and is available only in Ukraine (Ukraine IP address) at

TacMed chatbot, available for free in English and Ukrainian languages, was developed for frontline first responders, such as combat medics, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, nurses, and medical students.

“We created this chatbot to help teach the critical medical skills needed by frontline combat medics, clinicians and first responders when treating and moving war casualties,” said Health Tech Without Borders founder Jarone Lee, MD, MPH. “We hope that this will help frontline medics solidify their knowledge so that it is second nature before they need to use it.”

Modules include Care Under Fire, Tactical Field Care and Tactical Evacuation Care. The chatbot also includes civilian-focused content such as how to stop bleeding in an emergency.

“When creating this chatbot, we wanted to support nurses and paramedics to learn how to provide healthcare in dangerous situations before it happens,” said Olga Gershuni, Health Tech Without Borders Nursing & Mental Health Program Director.

About Health Tech Without Borders

Health Tech Without Borders is a global non-profit organization that supports local communities affected by sudden humanitarian emergencies. As an innovation hub, Health Tech Without Borders connects those in need of medical attention with vetted volunteer clinicians via online health intervention tools and offers targeted digital trainings to equip medical personnel with any additional education they might need.

Since its inception, Health Tech Without Borders has helped more than 100,000 patients in regions of crisis to seek medical and psychological support and facilitated targeted training for more than 2,000 clinicians.



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