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The MEDJACK Webinar

HTWB Team had the privilege of participating in the MEDJACK webinar, held on April 20th, 2023, where we delved into the topic of disaster medicine and presented HTWB’s efforts in supporting local communities affected by sudden humanitarian emergencies.

Tactical Medical Chat Bot QR code
Tactical Medical Chat Bot QR code

During the webinar, we discussed the need for quick and actionable thinking in disaster response. The integration of technology and human support in HTWB's initiatives. The importance of preparedness, resource utilization, and effective coordination in disaster response.

The speakers highlighted the challenges of implementing disaster response in a fast and efficient manner, emphasizing the importance of assessing each country's specific needs. We also discussed the significance of testing and adapting technological applications, as well as the validation and certification processes for both medical professionals and technologies involved in disaster response.

The webinar concluded with insights into the challenges of credentialing and regulating the public health workforce in digital health, as well as the significance of educational programs for medical students.

Mental health activities, such as the Helping Healers Heal program, showcased the power of leveraging digital tools to provide safe and trusted environment, supporting the well-being of healthcare and mental health professionals.

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