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Audrey Nguyen

Remote Educational Opportunities in Humanitarian Settings

Audrey Nguyen

Medical Student, University of California, Los Angeles
HTWB Program Director

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Explore the world of remote education in humanitarian aid with Audrey Nguyen, a program director at Health Tech Without Borders. Discover insights and actionable steps for implementing remote education in humanitarian scenarios. Audrey shares her background in digital health and global health, highlighting the importance of this emerging field.

Learn about the challenges posed by climate change and conflict in humanitarian crises, necessitating rapid adaptation by frontline responders. Through a case study of Health Tech Without Borders' response to the Pakistan flood, see how remote education addresses critical needs.

Audrey provides a structured process for developing educational curricula, involving communities, targeting specific audiences, and selecting suitable teaching methods. Practical tools like speaker databases and guidelines are shared. Real-life implementation steps are illustrated using the Pakistan flood response.

Understand the significance of program evaluation and embrace the potential for growth in this evolving field. Start your journey to impactful remote education in resource-limited settings.

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