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Dr. Annalicia Pickering

Telemedicine Considerations in International Disaster Settings

Dr. Annalicia Pickering

Medical Student, University of California, Los Angeles Pediatric Hospitalist, Lucile Packard Hospital | Clinical Instructor, Stanford School of Medicine

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In a world marked by increasing humanitarian crises, Dr. Annalicia Pickering is at the forefront of redefining disaster healthcare. In this insightful video, Dr. Pickering, a physician and TeleHelp Ukraine board member, delves into the critical realm of telemedicine amidst international disasters.

Drawing from her experiences during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she sheds light on the challenges faced by displaced populations and the sudden cessation of medical support. Dr. Pickering's journey takes us from overseeing the transfer of medical supplies to creating TeleHelp Ukraine, a telemedicine platform offering healthcare and mental health support to those in need.

With over 7 million displaced Ukrainians confronting additional hurdles, the UN Refugee Agency reports, her insights are invaluable. Dr. Pickering navigates us through the intricacies of telemedical preparations, ethical considerations, and emergency service access in unpredictable disaster zones.

This video is a must-watch for clinicians, offering essential guidance on providing ethically compliant care when it matters most. Dr. Pickering demonstrates how telemedicine can bridge the gap, but not without addressing challenges, ensuring follow-up care, and safeguarding patient privacy. Join her as she explores the evolving landscape of disaster healthcare.

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