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Dr. Sachita Shah

Ultrasound in Limited Resource Settings

Dr. Sachita Shah

Medical Doctor at Butterfly Network, Inc.

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Discover the transformative potential of tele-ultrasound in disaster response with Dr. Sachita Shah. In this enlightening lecture, Dr. Shah delves into the impact of limited resources and equipment shortages in low-income settings, showcasing how Butterfly's global health program focuses on ultrasound to bridge critical gaps. Explore how handheld ultrasound technology plays a pivotal role in disaster scenarios, offering real-time insights to clinicians on the frontlines.

Uncover the dynamic applications of tele-ultrasound, from rapid exams to aiding in essential procedures, empowering healthcare providers in limited resource settings through Butterfly Academy's just-in-time learning.


Dr. Shah's discourse weaves technology, compassion, and resilience, envisioning a future where tele-ultrasound reshapes healthcare disparities.

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